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Commissioner's Message
Welcome to the 2015 Granite State Open Masters week is finally here and that means the start of the Granite State Open. Thanks for joining this years league. For you returning members as you can see we have grown quite a bit from 29 members last year and still have a few more trickling in. If you know someone that wants to join they can still sign up and make a pick before the first tee time. Each week make sure you get your picks in before the first tee time. This time does change week to week and is posted as the deadline. At that time the picks lock in and you will not be able to change or add picks. Last year I was a little flexible with this time, but this year if you miss the deadline tough luck. You can put all your picks in for the entire year right from day one so you have no excuses. If you ever have technical issues as long as you email me before the deadline I can help you out and put in the pick, but if it is after I won't be able to in order to be fair to everyone else. I will post the payouts after the first week once we see our total number, but we will pay first half and second half winners, best in majors and then a few places for year long champion depending on total numbers. If you look at all the names in the standing you will see some names are in black and some in red. If your name is in black that means you have paid. If you are in red make sure you are working on getting me your payment as soon as possible. I am going to make the deadline the end of April for payment because I don't want to be chasing people down all summer. If you have not paid by then your team will be frozen until you pay. Quick refresher on the rules for everyone. Each week you will pick one golfer and what ever they earn that week will go towards your year long total. You can also pick an alternate pick each week. This person will only come into play if your first pick drops out of the tournament before teeing off. If they tee off and then withdraw you are stuck with your original pick. The list of golfers you are choosing from includes all golfers not necessarily the ones that are playing that week. It is your responsibility to make sure they are in the tournament that week. If you ever want to choose a golfer, but don't see him on the list let me know and I will have him added. If you have any questions feel free to email me at tstarmer@gmail.com.

League Commissioner: Tucker Starmer

3D Dollar

In The Money Contest

Your weekly golfer pick is considered In The Money (ITM) if he wins any money for the tournament. In other words, he makes the cut and completes the tournament, including MDF designations ("Made Cut, Didn't Finish"). There are three In The Money contests that each team is automatically eligible for:
  1. Longest ITM Streak From the Start Of Season - Awarded to the team with the longest ITM streak from the start of the season (i.e. the most consecutive ITM weeks starting with week #1). This is referred to as the "SOS Streak".
  2. Longest ITM Streak During The Season - Awarded to the team with the longest ITM streak during the season. Unlike the prior award, this streak does not have to be from start from the start of the season. It can start at any point in the season as long as the ITM weeks are consecutive. This is referred to as the "Anytime Streak".
  3. Most ITM Weeks - Awarded to the team with the most ITM weeks throughout the season. The ITM weeks do NOT have to be consecutive.

Each team's ITM totals are tracked automatically by the website and can be viewed on the Statistics and ITM Standings pages. In the event of a tie, the team with the highest overall season earnings wins the ITM prize. Note that if a golfer makes the cut, but later withdraws from the tournament for any reason (thus not winning any money), he does not qualify for ITM.

Other Ways To Win

  1. No Winner Picked Contest - Awarded to the team with the highest overall score who does not pick any tournament winners throughout the entire contest (or the fewest winners if everyone picks a winner).
  2. Majors Only Contest - Awarded to the team with the highest score for the 4 majors tournaments.

See the Prizes tab for the complete list of prizes awarded.